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2011 Best New Product Award

The Mineral Salt is a unique combination of Organic wild seaweed from Seagreens' sustainable harvesting in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and Soil Association certified sea salt from Britain's newest and most sustainable salt producer on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, England.

January 2011 The MIneral Salt was voted 'Best New Product' by consumer and practitioner readers of CAM and CAM Lifestyle, Britain's leading magazines covering complimentary and alternative medicine.

Launched at the Weston Price Foundation conference in the United States in November 2010 The Mineral Salt was enthusiastically shaken at every luncheon table, while in London consumers at the Real Food Show reported: "Lovely flavour!" - "Just as good as salt and pepper" - "Fantastic value".

Why has Seagreens launched The Mineral Salt?

Replacing sodium chloride in manfactured foods has been top of Seagreens' research agenda since 1007. From 2010 20% of their ingredient sales supports the Seaweed Health Foundation set up to further research and education about the health benefits of wild, whole food seaweed. Two recent media articles tell the story: Seaweed Can Reduce Salt Intake In Food by Simon Ranger, Seagreens' founder writing in Caduceus in England, and Parse The Salt, Please by Stephen Strauss writing in Nature Medicine in the US.

The nutritional profile of The Mineral Salt provides absolute justification for its name. Some Japanese research in 1986 demonstrated that "when rats were fed salt, only those also fed wild wrack seaweed powder did not have strokes; the seaweed was an antidote to excess sodium consumption" (Y. Yamori et al., quoted in Seagreens Healthcare Summary). The Mineral Salt is far more than a condiment. It is a natural whole food.

The Mineral Salt jar antidote to excess sodium?
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