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Human Food SeaweedTM for Nutrition, Health and Bodycare, and All Our Animals

Seagreens® Consumer Product Range

Seagreens® nutrition products respond to worldwide micronutrient deficiencies and on a cumulative basis to degenerative diseases of mind and body. 

Only very small amounts are required, but every day, since their most valuable nutrients are not made in the body and must come from our diet. 

This has been the traditional use of seaweed in places like Japan, where it is still ubiquitous in food. But for our western eating habits, Seagreens® is ideal. 

Preferably, make use of all the different products at different meals and times of day. 

For example, Food Capsules first thing, The Mineral Salt condiment at breakfast. Pelvetia Pieces in muesli, in a salad at lunchtime or as a pasta dressing for dinner.

The Culinary Ingredient can be baked into bread, stirred into soup or risotto, or sprinkled onto any kind of food - it has a thousand uses.

These are capsules, granules, and larger chopped pieces of the most nutritious wild seaweeds available anywhere in the world.

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Daily nutrition for domestic animals and livestock - click here.

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