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Nutrition & Natural Remedy products

Every Seagreens® product has been developed in response to specific consumer requirements for daily nutritional balance and vitality.

They can be taken safely, every day for life. Mix and match them to your lifestyle.

We encapsulate several species because for very many people this is the easist and most popular way to benefit from their valuable balance of micronutrients every day.

Currently getting on for 2 million people in 12 countries are getting at least a gram (2 Food Capsules or a quarter teaspoon of Food Granules) into their daily diet.

Up to 12 capsules (3 teaspoons) can be used daily for shorter periods in certain health conditions, on the advice of a qualified nutritional therapist.

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Our Iodine+ and Iodine Lite+ capsules are specifically to ensure daily sufficiency of the natural mineral iodine in adults and children, safe to use for life.

A single capsule daily provides adequate iodine and all the nutrients needed for its proper absorption, transport in the body and metabolism.

A similar level of iodine is also available from 2 Food Capsules (or 1/4 teaspoon of Food Granules), which provides a larger daily intake of seaweed and a larger balance of all the micronutrients.

Broadly speaking, Food Capsules and Food Granules are for the best overall nutritional balance in the general population.

Iodine Capsules are for those who wish to respond more specifically, just to a known iodine deficiency.