Taking our place in the world means being fully present to and in the moment.  There is no me separate from the moment and all that is happening in it. 

It is when I open fully to what is happening and cease the mental exertion of separation that I take my place, as though in a jigsaw, and awaken fully to the wholeness that is Reality.  

God - haMakom, ‘the Place’ - is where I am living at this and every moment.  

The mission of the individual is to take his or her place by letting go of the illusion of fragmentation and bringing things into harmony with each other. 

This is what the Fathers called Tikkun ha Olam, the repair of the world. 

There is no magical technique for letting go of our sense of separation. There is no method that one can Master.  Formal meditation, prayer and yoga all contain the element of self that is at the heart of fragmentation. 

This is the way of true living: to hold nothing back, to put all our heart and soul and physical being into whatever Reality needs us to do. 

That is true meditation: living with attention one deed at a time. 

Much of what we are asked to do seems trivial: clean the yard, vacuum the floor, wash the dog, change the baby.  God is in the details, and holiness is doing rightly with full attention.

- Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Wisdom of the Jewish Sages (based on the Pirke Arvot, a collection of Rabbinical sayings from the 3rd Century BC to 3rd Century AD), 5754 / 1993