Be at peace: love the world. Order your life in simplicity, that the inner voice may be your instruction in all things.

Yet do not be deceived by a wrong understanding of simplicity. That which is simple to one, is complex and troublesome to another.

Therefore know your capabilities - that which you are able to do in peace.

Know yourself, that you may free your spirit from the limitations of your physical perceptions, for there are many worlds in which to live.

Learn all you are capable of knowing - and know also when you have surpassed the limit of your knowledge, for this is the basis of wisdom.

Have patience in all things, for we know not the ways of creation, nor can we see our mortal lives from beginning to ending in one moment.

Tolerate differences - all things are of God.

See with half a mind the changing things, but with all your mind, dwell upon the nature of the unchanging - for that is the path of enlightenment.

Do all things without turbulence or self-desire. Have joy in your life’s work.

Nothing can separate us from one another except our denial of the Laws of God - by these, all is revealed to us.

Thus we are brought into unity.

The Spirit, whose essence is Love, is manifested in us for always.

- S. B. Ranger, Seagreens' founder, 1967