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These nutritional profiles tell you what is in Seagreens®. What is not in Seagreens® is equally important. 

We comply with international food safety regulations on contaminants, pesticides and herbicides and specifically monitor organotins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), organophosphates, aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, aflatoxins and other possible marine contaminants.

We have conducted the largest continuous independent analytical studies ever made on the species we harvest.

Every time we harvest our seaweeds we monitor both nutrients and contaminants, which tells us, and you, if they meet our unique quality standards.

Organic Regulations cover only water quality and sustainability, allowing dead or decomposing seaweed, and seaweed with no consistent nutritional composition, to enter the food chain. 

This is why over the past two decades, we developed our own proprietary standards incorporating biodynamic and organic regulations, allergen and contaminant analysis, the principles of raw and vegan food production, environmental protection and sustainability.

This unparalleled body of data now forms the basis of the Nutritious Food Seaweed Standard.

Today, Seagreens® is a branded ingredient in some of the world's leading food and health products.
Seagreens' Salad & Condiment product also makes tonics and teas as fresh and rich as the ocean...