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Tales of Seagreens®



People have found all kinds of uses for Seagreens® nutrition products: babies to grandparents, dieticians to dentists, farmers to fishermen, restaurants to raw food enthusiasts, equine establishments to animal sanctuaries.

The simple rule is to include one or more of our small range of products in your food and drink in any way it works for you, every day! There are vegetable capsules and condiments and seaweed pieces each morning, dried granulated food ingredients, fine soluble forms for teas and smoothies, and larger pieces for salads and vegetables.

Daily is what makes the difference in your health, and it is so easy to do.

You can cut your daily salt intake by half by using The Mineral Salt, and 75% by using The Ruby One - two delicious condiments combining salt and Seagreens® seaweeds with no loss of salty flavour and a balance of all the other minerals and micronutrients.

You can even put Seagreens in a child's bath to absorb the minerals and trace elements through the skin. 

Explore the different species in the Seagreens products and compare their remarkable nutritional profiles.

We are always delighted to hear of your experiences with Seagreens because it stimulates innovation and the exchange of information among consumers, medical and healthcare practitioners, and those concerned for the health of domesticated animals.

Seaweed restores our relationship with something wild, primordial and pristine - an energy and place largely untouched by the changes Man has wrought on the land which supplies our food, and in the air we breathe.

Covering more than 70% of Earth’s surface, the oceans remain the only constant, comprehensive source of all the micronutrients we need in our daily diet yet are insufficient in much of the food we eat and the land we grow it in.

During Seagreens' first 10 years to 2008 Seagreens was studied among children with autism, eczema sufferers in a London University Masters thesis, in India among agricultural crops and in West Sussex in livestock and horticulture.

In 2008 we were fortunate to be invited to participate in a large government sponsored research initiative to replace harmful artificial food ingredients and we began a programme of applied nutrition research working with 6 different universities in the UK and Ireland. 

Seagreens® was found to be an effective and nutritious replacement for salt, and many food manufacurers use it as a nutritious, natural preservative.

Further research in obesity, diabetes, iodine deficiency followed, and further studies have led to peer reviewed publication of some of these award-winning, independent studies.

As a result it has been possible to establish the Seaweed Health Foundation as an independent forum for seaweed research, production standards, and public information.

Meanwhile, Seagreens consumers, medical practitioners, biodynamic farmers and others have themselves been innovating with their Seagreens! We continue to welcome your Tales of Seagreens.



Jeremy Stephens found Seagreens delicious in his yoghurt!
Seagreens founder, Simon Ranger, loves it on pasta!
Charlotte Palmer sprinkled it on her boiled Easter egg!
While Sammy dreams of running along the seashore!