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"Using it instead of salt the loaf rises as well if not better...3.5 per cent sodium against 40 per cent in salt" - unsolicited letter in The Independent from EH, England

“I asked myself why I felt it necessary not to be without them (Seagreens® Wild Seaweed Food Capsules). Apart from the fact that I am sure they play a large part in the health and energy of my husband and I, it is their INTEGRITY. I would be distraught if for some reason they were no longer available, and I also like the fact that when placing an order over the telephone, one speaks to a real, very pleasant person! May you and Seagreens® last forever!” - Unsolicited letter to the founder from JLG, England

"I originally bought your Wild Seaweed Food Capsules (and now) I am very happy with the Salad & Condiment. My favourite and very easy way to eat this is with Heinz baked beans. I also add it to fish dishes and to gravy" - LS, England


"I have tried to mix the seaweed (Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient) into my salads and sauces and it really tastes good. My friend tried the Baked Matchsticks recipe. She and her husband were raving (good!)" - VC, England

"I feel a difference in our well-being already from eating the added seaweed" - HM, England

"I like the products you have sent very much indeed - thank you. I will definitely recommend them to my friends. We have been eating macrobiotic foods now for 17 years" - HM, England

"Did you know the Pelvetia Pieces make a wonderful refreshing tea, soaked in cold water for 30 minutes with sliced lemons and grated ginger root?" - Dr Jane Jamieson, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I was so pleased at my last check with the midwife - my iron levels were at 100%! She was quite impressed! I am sure I can thank the Seagreens® Food Capsules. I have been advised to continue after the birth as well, as it will make me produce wonderful milk!" - AM, England

"I have been taking your Food Capsules for blood pressure and am extremely pleased with the results" - SB, England






"My 83 year old mother has been using your Culinary Ingredient in her soups and generally as a food ingredient.  And where she was recently paying a monthly visit to Moorfields Eye Hospital due to inflammation in one eye, guess what - for 4 months no visits!  In addition where one eye was completely gone, she has seen a glimmer of light. She has had trouble with her gums and teeth, and suddenly they are getting better.  Wonderful news, and I really thank you" - DP, England

"I bought your Culinary Ingredient which I sprinkle onto food...anyway I love the stuff. It would be great to have more cooking ideas and a capsule form as I am aware how we are all lacking in these essential nutrients" - SM, England



"I use the Seagreens® instead of salt, to get the taste, and get a lot of minerals in the process" - AH, England



"The Table Condiment and Culinary Ingredient are excellent products" - AC, Scotland

"The Culinary Ingredient is great and henceforth will have a prominent place on the kitchen shelf" - IR, England

"I have been taking Seagreens® for 6 months now, to my benefit" - RB, England

"I am definitely feeling the benefit of the Food Capsules. I am so thankful that you introduced me to them, and I was very interested to read how good Seagreens are for colon health - all the more reason to continue with the extra capsules for my diverticulitis" - Audrey Evans, England



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