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Harvesting for today and tomorrow

Seagrees® seaweed is the product of experienced selection, sustainable harvesting, careful processing, comprehensive analytical testing, and award-winning nutrition research.

The wild Wrack species have been produced and studied in the north west Atlantic for almost 20 years, and in recent years, two more native species.

Seagreens works closely with a consortium of Partners at remote locations in the British Isles and the Nordic region, developing new methods and technologies which continue to improve our unique quality standards.

Seagreens' business model has provided some of the most nutritious seaweed for human consumption, now exported to more than a dozen other countries.

Our approach to the selection and harvesting of our native wild seaweeds was well described by John Ruskin (1819-1900), the 'foremost critic and conscience of the Victorian era': 

"God has lent us the Earth for our life; it is a great entail. It belongs as much to those who are to come after us, and those names are already written in the book of creation, as to us; and we have no right, by anything that we do or neglect, to involve them in unnecessary penalties, or deprive them of the benefits which it was in our power to bequeath".

Information and consulting services are provided to our Partners and Customers at home and overseas, on the successful manufacturing, marketing, distribution and use of Seagreens® remarkable ingredients and consumer products.

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Lofoten islands, Arctic Lapland - where Seagreens began
Harvesting wild Wrack in the western isles, Scotland
Cutting the lanes of Seagreens Knotted Wrack (Ascophyllum)
Collecting the cut seaweed for bagging and drying
Our customers use Seagreens in their products, too
At least 5 Viridian products contain Seagreens
Bioteekki is Finland's foremost health food manufactuer
Clearspring is one of Britain's leading health food producers
Norwegian Pelvetia for Seagreens® 'Salad & Condiment' product
Pelvetia Large Pieces are a unique Seagreens® ingredient
Delicious soaked 6 minutes, on penne with a pesto sauce
One of Macacha's highly nutritious powdered drink blends