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Wild harvested seaweeds need no soil, fresh water, or fertilisers. They feed on the ocean, a primordial nutrient soup.

40% of the land surface of the earth is in agricultural use, already beyond its nutritional capacity. Yet the world's oceans are 7 times this size.

To put this in context at our Icelandic production, 40% of the species total is available for sustainable harvesting; surveyed and approved by the Icelandic government.

Yet we currently trim only 10% of this total biomass, in any case allowing each plant to regenerate before harvesting again, which like pruning improves plant growth.

This small portion of the potential annual harvest is typical in Norway, Scotland and Ireland, where our production consortium is also active.

Over more than two decades we have developed our methods, technologies and procedures to produce Seagreens® unique quality for human nutrition.

Seagreens began in Norway, then we brought our know-how to develop human food seaweed in Scotland.

Today we are still in Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and Norway, our consortium developing a responsible and sustainable new industry in the British Isles and the Nordic region with worldwide markets.

For 25 years we have been selecting and researching the most nutritious of our native wild seaweed species, and over the past 10 years we have acquired a unique resource of comparative data, across each production batch and species, both for the good stuff (nutrients) and the bad stuff (contaminants).

We use this data to monitor and continually improve our harvesting and production - right back to the point of seaweed plantl selection and monitoring. 

To maintain consistency we cut specific lengths of fresh living seaweed from monitored new growth at the right age and time, ensuring sustainable regeneration.

Each batch is extensively analysed at independent UKAS accredited laboratories.

Only consistently good results produce the Seagreens® you ultimately consume, either in our own products, or the products of our manufacturing and retail customers.

This obsessive pursuit of quality is what makes Seagreens® outstanding even after 20 years!This is why our product quality is unrivalled and why companies like Pukka, Viridian, Iceland, Unilever, Waitrose and many others in the UK and overseas, use Seagreens® certified ingredients.

Please click here for a concise illustrated introduction to our production quality.

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