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Alpro Foundation Award for scientific research

Anna Hall, a post-graduate and Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, won the Alpro Foundation’s 2010 Masters Award for a ground-breaking piece of research in obesity.

Together with Jenny Paxman, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam’s Food and Nutrition Group, Anna conducted Seagreens’ first study in satiety using 100% whole food wild Ascophyllum seaweed from the Hebridean factory, part funded by the Seaweed Health Foundation.

Anna was able to show that the overweight men in her study ate less after eating bread which contained whole, dried, ground Seagreens®. Her thesis was titled 'The effect of Seagreens® enriched bread on energy intake and nutrient uptake'.

Anna presented her findings and received the Award at the 11th International Nutrition & Health Conference at the Olympia Conference Centre, London in November 2010 (pictures opposite).

Professor Tom Sanders, who chaired the conference session, is Head of the Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Division, School of Medicine, King's College, London.

The research findings were published in the peer reviewed journal Appetite, in 2012.

Anna Hall sums up her findings at the Nutrition & Health Conference
Jenny Paxman and Anna Hall (right) with Professor Tom Sanders