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Health & Nutrition Guide - Issue 2


Benefits of Seagreens® nutrition products

The following items are intended as an introduction for training and education in a professional setting.
The URLs link to scientific papers or Seagreens® publications relevant to each subject.
We hope you enjoy the journey.

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This document is provided to you in the context of a training or education programme on the understanding that you are a healthcare professional or are in training to deliver healthcare to others or yourself. The information contained herein is not designed to promote or sell any particular product and it makes no claims for such products other than those which are allowable under and compliant with the current health claims regulations.

1.      25 years in seaweed nutrition booklet

A concise introduction to Seagreens® nutrition products - a brief idea of what the products do and how to use them. It is easy for any person to introduce Seagreens® into their daily diet to complete their uptake of all the micronutrients.

Professional and Consumer Booklet

2.      Practitioner general information and URLs to our website

This section provides detailed healthcare information based on our nutrition research. An online nutritional calculator is provided which answers the question 'How much Seagreens® is needed to get X level of a certain nutrient?'.

2.1 Product nutritional profiles and the calculator are here:

Nutritional Profiles of Seagreens® Products

2.2 Seagreens® healthcare information resources based on our nutrition research:

Library of research papers and articles

2.3 Visual presentation of a decade of Seagreens® nutrition research:

Seagreens nutrition research presentation

3.      Practitioner information about specific health conditions

All Seagreens® nutrition products will fill the nutrient gaps in a daily diet, so are useful as a complement to almost any therapeutic protocol, supporting health and immunity. Especially valuable in restricted, intolerance, allergen-free and special needs diets. Alone or in combination they represent a uniquely comprehensive natural food source of minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, soluble fibre, PUFAs, Omega 3-6-9 ratio, amino acids, vitamins.

The following are the principal scientific references on each subject heading from independent research on Seagreens® nutritious food seaweeds. Questions are welcomed on these, or about other health conditions not mentioned here. All papers referred to are in the Healthcare Information on this website.

3.1    Degenerative and cognitive diseases

Cardiovascular diseases including endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, dementia, depression, bipolar, digestive and metabolic disorders. Two major international reviews of seaweed nutrition research over the past 20 years corroborate and reference Seagreens research programme. These are:

3.1.1  Non-communicable degenerative diseases:

Reducing the risk for degenerative diseases using seaweeds produced under controlled conditions

 -  Cornish ML, Critchley AT, Mouritsen OG. A role for dietary macroalgae in the amelioration of certain risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Phycologia, Vol. 54(6):649-666, 2015.

3.1.2  Brain and cognitive diseases:

Consumption of certain seaweeds and the human brain

 - Cornish ML, Critchley AT, Mouritsen OG. Consumption of seaweeds and the human brain. Journal of Applied Phycology, Vol. 29 No. 5:2377-2398, 2017.

4.    Iodine sufficiency

Iodine sufficiency booklet and related reseach paper. The booklet is here:

Iodine sufficiency from Seagreens® nutritious food seaweed

The published research paper is here:

Seagreens® seaweed provides iodine sufficiency with no adverse effect on the thyroid

 - Combet E, Zheng FM, Cousins F, Thompson B, Lean MEJ. Low level seaweed supplementation improves iodine status in iodine-insufficient women. British Journal of Nutrition, 9:1-9, 2014.

5.    Obesity and weight regulation

Award-winning research was conducted on Seagreens® between 2009-12 and reported in the scientific journal Appetite in 2012. A Seagreens paper Seaweed in Weight Regulation and Nutrition places this in a wider context. The published research paper is here:

Seagreens® seaweed effective for weight regulation in obesity

 - Hall AC, Fairclough AC, Mahadevan K, Paxman JR. Ascophyllum nodosum enriched bread reduces subsequent energy intake with no effect on post-prandial gluciose and cholesterol in healthy, overweight males. Appetite, 58:379-386, 2012.

The published Seagreens weight regulation article is here:

Human nutrition and weight regulation using Seagreens®

6.    Prebiotic value and digestion

A series of studies show that Seagreens is an effective natural prebiotic and particularly because of this and its antioxidant value show its important contribution in digestion. It is also rich in polysaccharides which are known to protect and help to heal the gut wall, including preventing the adhesion of helicobacter pylori:

Seagreens published paper on prebiotic value in digestion:

The prebiotic value of Seagreens® - Current data and the growth of seaweed ingredients

Research dissertation on antioxidant value in digestion:

Antioxidant capacity in Seagreens® study at Newcastle University

7.    Diabetes and glycemic index

A series of studies have evaluated Seagreens potential in diabetes and to reduce the glycemic index of foods through its effects in digestion:

Research dissertation on benefits in diabetes:

Some benefits of Seagreens® in diabetes and diabetic foods

The published research paper is here:

Some ways that Seagreens® prolongs carbohydrate digestion and release of sugars

 - Chater PL, Wilcox M, Cherry P, Herford A, Mustar S, Wheater H, Brownlee I, Seal C, Pearson J. Inhibitory activity of Hebridean brown seaweeds on lipase activity. Journal of Applied Phycology, 28:1303-1313. 2016.

8.     Health conditions and functional benefits

The following references relate to health conditions and functional benefits which are wholly or partially supported by independent research on Seagreens® nutritious food seaweeds.

This part of our website provides technical support to professionals using Seagreens® products in therapeutic protocols, as well as our ingredients to formulate food and nutrition products:

Seagreens® clinical applications and allowable health claims based on current research

Please scroll down through 'Allowable Health Claims On Hold' and 'Functional Benefits Supported by Research'.
In this section of our website use the tab in the top right hand corner to navigate to other headings

Headings cover (in order):


Oestrogen reduction

Skin and epithelium

Thyroid Function

Weight management

Antioxidant capacity                                                                

Glycemic index and diabetic food



Salt replacement

Special diets

We hope this Guide is helpful and look forward to hearing from you with any queries or comments. 

Thank you for your participation in the Seagreens® project.

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