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In 10 years...

“In 10 years Seagreens® has raised the value of European seaweed from a commodity by-product of industrial scale harvesting to a trusted food ingredient for daily use in the general population.

This is just the beginning. There are many preventative and therapeutic health benefits which can be delivered through a range of applications and products, and as your ingredient supplier, we want you, our Brand Partners, to make the most of these opportunities.

But none of this can happen unless the integrity of the Seagreens® brand is upheld and clearly differentiated from inferior seaweed, through continuing research driven by consumer concerms, your NPD and marketing needs, and the flow of trusted information to the media and market.

Any old seaweed is not an option as a food ingredient.

In 2004 the FSA banned hijiki because it contained too much arsenic. It is important that consumers appreciate and demand the best seaweed: today it is also a regulatory requirement.

The best has not come cheap, and if we cannot uphold the value of Seagreens®, none of us will have the fully documented quality ingredient we need. This is why we ask you to distinguish the Seagreens® Certified Ingredient in your product and for no other reason.

It is also why we welcome your participation in Seagreens® Health Foundation, being set up in 2009 between our now international seaweed production, the food industry and academia, to further develop this worthwhile mutual project over the next 10 years”
Simon Ranger, Seagreens® founder (Terms & Conditions, 2009)