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Catering ingredients

Seagreens® seaweed ingredients have a range of uses in cooking, in the preparation of raw foods and as highly nutritious ingredients in a wide range of foods and health products.

The functional benefits range from salt replacement to digestive health to weight regulation, all supported by peer reviewed independent Seagreens® research.

Ready-milled grains of wild seaweed in various sizes up to chopped pieces, can be used as vegetables and condiments and in breads or ready meals.

Finer soluble forms can be used in soups, sauces, teas, tonics, juices and smoothies!

Our manufacturing ingredients are in 10kg bags, whilst retail packs of our condiments are also available.

We make a 90g retail jar of Culinary Ingredient, now a Seagreens® classic, and for catering establishments supply 1kg bags and 3.5kg tubs.

We make 75g glass shakers of The Mineral Salt (half Culinary Ingredient half natural sea salt).

Cafés, restaurants and small producers can order 5kg wholesale catering packs of The Mineral Salt to fill their own shakers or use as a ready-blended ingredient.

Air dried chopped pieces up to 2.5 cms of Seagreens® wild Pelvetia and Dulse, which deliver both subtle and strong flavours, are available loose and in retail jars.

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Catering packs are available from Seagreens Trade Direct - please click here.

Research at the Food Innovation Centre at Sheffield Hallam University 2008-10, concluded that Seagreens® provides a healthy way to reduce salt (sodium chloride).

It contains all the minerals and trace elements in a natural balance similar to that in the human body, nullifying the adverse effects of sodium chloride.

It is a more effective and natural preservative, but instead of destroying bacteria like salt, it both prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria and raises alkalinity.

Japanese researchers have confirmed that whereas 100% salt caused cardiac arrest in laboratory rats, a 50-50% mix of wrack seaweed and salt had no deleterious effect.

In our research, such a blend also prolonged the shelf life of bread over controls and bread containing twice the amount of salt.

Mixing Seagreens® with other herbs, spices and condiments can produce interesting tastes and uses.

In 2008 Waitrose introduced a new member of their Cook’s Ingredient range containing Seagreens® Medium Granules with fennel seeds and other ingredients as a delicious seafood rub!

In 2018 they introduced our chopped pieces of 'Ruby Red Dulse', while chopped pieces of our wild Pelvetia seaweed will be found in their Bart® spice racks.

"Here was this outstanding place (Noma, Copenhagen) doing proper cheffing with ingredients such as seaweed and wild watercress"
- 2009 Master Chef Mat Follas, at Le Gavroche, London, and The Wild Garlic, Beaminster, Dorset.

Waitrose Seasalt & Seaweed (with Seagreens®)
Waitrose Seasalt & Seaweed (with Seagreens®)