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Media Endorsements

"Seagreens® fill a nutritional gap where there was nothing before. Unlike so many tablets and capsules, I've noticed their exceptional bio-availability. I can feel my body taking up all the nutrients like a sponge. Seagreens® have helped my fluid retention, I feel more energised, and I just don't want to stop using them because I feel so much better"

- Taniya Maxted-Frost, author, The Organic Baby Book, Green Books, England, 1999

"Take herbs such as milk thistle and green foods such as seaweed and wheatgrass. The best detox aids on the high street, as reviewed by Proof magazine, are Biofirm and Seagreens® FoodCapsules" 

- Emma Mitchell, Guardian Weekend, 2005

"Dr Gareth Rhidian (one of 60 specialist mercury-free dental surgeons in the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry) 'went through my case history, looked at my hair test results and did x-rays before removing the fillings using a special system to filter the toxic mercury vapour. There were also nutritional supplements to take during the process including seaweed (Seagreens® Food Capsules), vitamin C, selenium and magnesium...' The removal of 7 amalgams took place over 4 months, it has taken nearly a year for him to feel normal again, and his appetite did not return until 3 months into the treatment... many of the problems in his left side such as migraine and stiff neck, disappeared"

- The Times, 2005




"Seagreens was the first firm to provide ocean-to-table wild seaweeds, from sustainable harvesting off the Lapland coast in the Arctic, and Simon Ranger (Seagreens' MD) is already investigating the possibility of beginning a harvest off Scotland's coast"

- Glasgow Sunday Herald, 2006

“For readers with multiple food intolerances who struggle to find ways of keeping their nutritional balance, a seaweed supplement could be a good option. Seagreens® say that since they first started processing and selling their wrack seaweeds in 1998 they have not had a single case of intoleance or biological rejection reported to them. The wracks are also, of course, free of gluten, dairy and all of the common allergens”

- Frances Dale, Succulent Seaweed, Foods Matter, June, 2006

"Britain's leading seaweed brand"

- Organic & Natural Business magazine, October, 2009