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Consumer Endorsements

“I have a serious long term illness and I feel the Food Capsules are helping me. I wish you every success”
- DF, England, 1999

“I recently bought some Seagreens® Wild Arctic Wrack Food Capsules and am delighted at the results I am getting in only a short time”
- SC, England, 1999

“You seem to have come up with a very accurate diagnosis of my problems, and it's working! I have stopped taking all the other supplements, just the 2 Seagreens Food Capsules. I am feeling much better”
- JR, London, England, 2000

“Earlier in the year I bought some Seagreens® Food Capsules which seemed to alleviate my arthritis”
- WR, England, 2000

“I was so pleased at my last check with the midwife. My iron levels were at 100%! She was quite impressed! I am sure I can thank the Seagreens® Food Capsules. I have been advised to continue after the birth as well, as it will make me produce wonderful milk!”
- AM, England, 2000

“I have been taking your Food Capsules for blood pressure and am extremely pleased with the results”
- SB, England, 2000

“I am particularly interested (in Seagreens®) because of their iron content as I am extremely anæmic but because of severe digestive difficulties I cannot take conventional iron supplements; also as an inhibitor of Helicobacter Pylori which is one of the reasons for my severe digestive difficulties”
- HR, England, 2000

“I am religiously taking the Food Capsules (2 daily) and have been since the end of May. I am slowly beginning to notice an improvement to my general health and am quite sure that Seagreens® are the reason why”
- RH, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2002

“Your products have been a Godsend. Since I have not been using them (because I couldn’t get them at my local store any more) I felt something was missing from my diet. They have made me mentally more alert and I have been feeling so much better. I am quite amazed”
- DM, Warwickshire, England, 2003

“I asked myself why I felt it necessary not to be without them (Seagreens® Wild Seaweed Food Capsules). Apart from the fact that I am sure they play a large part on the health and energy of my husband and I, it is their INTEGRITY. I would be distraught if for some reason they were no longer available, and I also like the fact that when placing an order over the telephone (at Oceans of Goodness, a fully trained Seagreens® Retail Partner), one speaks to a real, very pleasant person! May you and Seagreens® last forever!”
- JL, Worcestershire, England, 2003

“Thank you for the boxes of seaweed capsules. My daughter has already taken a box for herself. She has heard of Seagreens® already and says Liz Hurley takes them!”
- DG, Kent, England, 2003

“I can’t tell you how shocked I have been to see what has happened with him (autistic son). He has NEVER communicated appropriately with me...(but now he) is communicating fully with me all his wants and needs and even things I didn’t think he knew. He has asked me ‘please’ two times in the last week for a pressure rub on his feet; he brought the ‘I love you’ picture to his dad, which shocked us both. Weather pictures are not used in his class, but a few days ago he brought me a sunny picture. I said: ‘No, it’s not sunny outside, it’s cloudy’. Well, lo’ and behold, he brought me the cloudy picture! He has even started imitating one of his sounds with me, where I do it, then he does it, back and forth. He has started since about December or so, cleaning up after himself, putting his clothes in the washer, little things like that. Cheryl and I were talking the other night and she said: 'Are you still using the Seagreens®?' And I said: 'Yes!' I think even she was amazed at what’s happening right now. I have prayed in the back of my mind so many times, even during the really bad times that (he) would make milestones like this. I keep hoping, and I have one of those gut feelings that speech is in our future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my son and myself. Even though they have been small steps towards progress since we started these back in July/August, where we are today is more than I could ever had hoped for and as I said I thank you for that”
- LM, USA , March, 2003

“We are pleased that Seagreens® (Food Capsules) is the only nutritional support so far that she (autistic daughter with seizures) has accepted and appears to be happy with...(we) have recommended Seagreens® to other ‘special needs’ parents. We see Seagreens® doing the following: reducing toxins in gut, healing the gut wall, normalising pH balance in the blood, reducing build up of acids/phospho-lipids in the gut, addressing food intolerance/allergy problems”
- MP, Cambridgeshire, England 2006

“There is no food to rival this, not like all those (others) which shout about how good they are. You should say this on your literature because it is true, it is the best food there is”
- DW, Cheshire, England 2006

"Hand on heart, yours is the only product I could recommend to anyone”
- RW, Stoke-on-Trent, England, 2009

"Seagreens become an important part of our market and Slovenian people love and trust it."
- TB, Wholesaler,
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2020