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Pet Granules - Strengthens and protects cats, dogs and horses

Nutrient imbalance, micronutrient and mineral deficiencies and metabolic disorders are often rooted in inadequate natural forage, feed processing and ‘fashion’ trends in equine and pet feed formulation.

Domestic animals suffer the same kind of chronic and degenerative conditions as humans including loss of energy, diabetes and heart disease.

Like human Seagreens®, these easily digested granules help balance the animal’s metabolism, strengthen immunity, restore equilibrium and vitality and support the mineral balance in performance.

Owners often notice a better coat and temperament; internally the granules enhance the value and absorption of other feed nutrients and are a sound basis of preventive and curative healthcare.

200g lasts a large dog 2 months, a large working horse 20 days and a dietary inclusion table on the jar covers most domestic animals.

An unsolicited tale
"Since December 2009 I started giving my little Norwich Terrier, Freddie, the Pet Granules (Seagreens® Ascophylum Granules). I bought him as a 7 month puppy from a reputable breeder, but unfortunately at a year old he showed symptons of demodectic mange. January 2009 I took him to the University of Cambridge Queen's Veterinary Hospital where they confirmed his condition and told me that puppies get this from suckling from their mother who carries the condition.

After putting him through 3 lots of complete shaves to enable the vets to treat his skin it was not until September 2009 that the vets eventually considered the mites were dead. At that time I was not aware of the Pet Granules, although I am a long term advocate of Seagreens for myself. I had tried everything for his immune system, even importing powders from the USA. In December 2009 I was ready to order some capsules for myself and noticed a leaflet in my file with the article on Pet Granules, and knew that I should try them for Freddie.

The results in the last 3 months have been phenomenal! He is bright eyed, lively, and eating well. I am convinced his immune system has improved since taking the Granules, and congratulate you for producing them. I have recommended them to my local vet" - Maggie Perkins, Peterborough, March 2010.

Daily feed inclusion table


Small dogs, kittens, amnd other small animals:

1/4 teaspoon (1 gram)

Dogs, cats. Foals up to 1 year old:

1/2 teaspoon (2 grams)

Ponies & small cobs up to 15 hands:

1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams)

Horses & large or hard working cobs over 15 hands:

2 heaped teaspoons (10 grams)

High performance animals such as race horses:

3 heaped teaspoons (15 grams)

Brood mares:

Up to 4 heaped teaspoons (20 grams) during the last 3 months and for 13 days after birth, returning to the normal inclusion thereafter


Use Seagreens® Mineralizing Meal in larger volume bags from 10kg to 500kg pallets. 

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Seagreens® Pet & Equine Granules

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