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Pet Granules Testimonials

"My 13 year old cairn terrier, Jasper, is taking your Seagreens, and has been doing so all this year. He has a history of skin problems, digestive troubles and sensitivity to loud noise - in short, a real bundle of problems.

This year has been radically different. Usually by this time of year he is almost bald from tail to shoulders, from scratching and licking, but everyone has remarked on his silky, thick coat, and no bald patches.

For an older dog his energy is tremendous, and his tummy is not bloated any more.

The only change to what I have tried in previous years is to start Jasper on your Seagreens, so that is what I am crediting with his improved health this year. Many thanks, I could not recommend the product more highly"
- R R, Homeopath, West Sussex

"All the cats and kittens are now having Pet Granules in their food - they are eating it up without any problems.

They usually turn their noses up in suspicion when you add any sort of medication at all, so this is good.

My young imported girl who had health problems as a kitten and who has now just been mated, will be on it throughout her pregnancy"
- Susan Moreland, Veterinary Surgeon, Shropshire

"Our dog has also benefited from the Seagreens® Pet Granules in recovering from a sprained back leg.

He has more energy and better weight. We have noticed that his digestionis not so good when we stop giving him the Pet Granules"
- Mrs K E M, Crowborough, East Sussex

"I am writing to tell you about an experience with Seagreens that I hope you will find helpful. I have a Golden Retriever (Tubby) who has suffered from 'hot spots' all his life.

For such a silly sounding name, the hot spot syndrome is an awful malady for both dog and owner to cope with. The spots are large raging sores that start out as an itch and can erupt anywhere on the dog's body. There is no medication that seems to help. They just have to run their course.

Because they itch so much and because the dog naturally scratches, a secondary infection is common. The sores take about a month to heal and I have not found a vet yet who thinks they know what causes them. They can only treat the resulting infections. We accidentally had a steer from a plumber who was working at our house about a seaweed remedy as he had found it successful on his Golden Retriever.

So for three years we have been giving Tubby 1 teaspoon per day of your Seagreens®. In year 1 the hot spot eruptions diminished considerably but still appeared from time to time. In year 2 they vanished. We are now well into year 3 and so far no new ones - fingers crossed that the Seagreens will continue to work.

Please feel free to use the above testimonial to help other Retriever owners about this in some way. Vets don't seem to know about this and therefore neither do their patients. Retrievers are really wonderful dogs and this malady is horrible.  They only know to scratch, lick or bite the spot and this only makes it worse.

If you could do anything to help these lovely, happy, mad, wonderful dogs it would be incredibly kind.

One last story. We often go to Cornwall where we walk by the sea. Tubby has always loved seaweed and eats it every time we go to the beach. I have always heard that animals have a way of knowing instinctively what is good for them. It really makes you think there really is something to all this"
- Mrs Lea Hoerner, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, letter 2008

Tubby recovered from 'hot spots' on Seagreens®