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Pukka Herbs

Organic Bio Nutrients contain a powerful blend of organically grown foods including roots, fruits, grasses and seaweeds, all of which are freshly dried in peak condition to ensure that all the nutrients remain captured. 

Seagreens added for nutrition, detoxification, and weight management. 

"The definition of health in Ayurveda means to be established in yourself and make choices that are right for the sustainability of your life and your being and your world around you. This allows you to be well and able to look after others and your community. That's what we've tried to do at Pukka - starting with a simple cup of tea, going back to the source and making sure it's organic, sustainably harvested and fairly traded. There's no point serving someone a cup of tea, if somewhere along the line you're damaging the whole you want to be part of" - Pukka's founder Sebastian Pole, interviewed by Emma Rushe in Walnut Magazine, February 2017.