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Seagreens® - the mark of qualityNutritious Food Seaweed

Wherever it is identified as the seaweed ingredient in a product, Seagreens® is your ultimate quality assurance.

Most of our manufacturing customers identify the Seagreens® ingredient in their products because we provide comprehensive nutrition information to consumers.

Setting the standard

In 1997 Seagreens® wild wrack species were the first European seaweeds to be wild harvested according to DEFRA and Soil Association Organic Standards.

These Standards remain concerned with water quality, non-use of pesticides and environmental sustainability, but alone do not assure consumers of rigorous control of nutritional quality, contamination, allergens, raw ingredient quality or composition.

Large volumes of old seaweed can be cut and sold into the human food chain, which may be storm-cast, collected on the shoreline, or rapidly dried at high temperatures.

Even small scale artisan harvesting offers no guarantee of cleanliness, consistency, or nutritional composition.

A lot of seaweed is produced on an industrial scale for alginate extraction, horticulure, and animal feed.

During the first decade of this century, Seagreens® pioneered its own methods and standards which still  lead the way.

In 2014 they informed the development of the Nutritious Food Seaweed quality assurance scheme.

This is the only food standard in the world to give the consumer direct access to the minimum nutritional profile of the certified seaweed.

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NFS Certification means quality assurance on nutritional composition
Certified Organic by the Biodynamic Association GB-ORG-06
Certified Kosher for Passover by London Beth Din, Court of the Chief Rabbi
Certified Organic for our American customers since 2010
British Retail Consortium meets the world's highest food safety standards
Approved for the American market by the USA Food & Drug Administration
Seagreens analytical data is conducted at independently accredited European laboratories
Seagreens® meet the raw material safety standards of the MHRA

Seagreens® certified ingredients are processed under full HACCP quality control procedures, in BRC accredited, FDA registered food facilities. Country of origin Great Britain.

Many of our manufacturing customers conduct their own audits of our production and comprehensive analytical data.

Our nutrition supplements are produced in Class 9 pharmaceutical clean rooms and packed in ISO 9001, MHRA, BRC, and FDA approved facilities. 

All capsules are of 100% vegetable origin and additionally certified Kosher under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, and Halal compliant.

All Seagreens products are non-allergenic, pesticide free, raw and vegan.

Seagreens pure certified ingredients are increasingly used and identified on pack by food and nutrition product manufacturers in more than a dozen countries.

Seagreens is administered in the interests of our Partners and Customers worldwide by Seagreens Trust.

Certification downloads

Nutritious Food Seaweed standard global (Biodynamic Association)

Nutritious Food Seaweed standard Schedule global (Biodynamic Association)

Organic certification EU and USA (Biodynamic Association UK 6: 398)

Organic certification EU and USA Schedule (Biodynamic Association UK 6: 398)

Kosher certification global

BRC Certificate of Compliance global GSFS

FDA Certificate of Registration