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1  Seagreens Nutrition Research Presentation
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3  Seagreens Healthcare Summary
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4  Seagreens Nutrition Products for practitioners, retailers, and consumers
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Seagreens Healthcare Summary is an alphabetical guide to the daily use of Seagreens® products in nutritional therapy and general practice. It is contributed to by practitioners, consumers and others and kept (reasonably) up to date on this website. You can choose to explore the Healthcare Summary as a whole, or a specific health condition from the available list. Numbers in brackets throughout the text reference scientific research or other source, listed in the index of References.

In a clinical setting Seagreens® Food Capsules and Food Granules provide a valuable, balanced source of nutrition. They may improve the uptake and metabolism of other nutrients in the therapeutic protocol and in some cases assist in drug replacement or reduction. For more information about therapeutic applications please see no. 1 below.

There are no known contra-indications or allergenic components except where a specific nutrient may be contra-indicated. Products comply with the European Community 2003/89/EC Annex 111A for allergens.

We are grateful to receive reports, questions and comments whether or not conflicting with other findings.


Seagreens is a friend of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and supportive of her worldwide work on Gut and Psychology Syndrome.

Click here for a brief introduction video and click here for the GAPS Training website.


The GAPS Diet and Seagreens products are available in Australia from GAPS Australia

Practitioners and consumers interested in the GAPS Diet approach, developed by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride and others in the UK, may be interested in this link to a 7,000 word guide on 7 Benefits of the GAPS Diet according to science, including 8 delicious recipes, compiled by Jess Miller in New Zealand, and to the main GAPS website

Hebrides Gramsdale Large 5 photo
Seagreens® produces nutritious food seaweeds in remote parts of Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, and Norway
Over 20 years we have brought 5 of the most nutritious species in the world to our unique quality standard