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Seed soaking

1 part Liquid Purée or Hebridean Horticultural to up to 100 parts water (1:100)

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Hebridean Horticultural added to trays of seeds for a day or night before planting brings germination forward and visibly strengthen root and leaf growth. In sprouts for planting or eating, from alph-alpha to wheat grass, this phenomena can be easily demonstrated.

"I seed soaked my maize before planting, at the same time as a control batch of the same seed. Mine was up in 2 days, where the control took 7 days to break ground. 4 weeks later mine are nearly 3 feet high where the control is about 9 inches. Mine have such good colour and we will spray Seagreens® every 2 weeks. We estimate reducing the growth season by 20% and having a better quality, too. This accords with last year when the seed soaked maize was 5 times higher than the control"
- Ken Harmer, Crazy Nut Farm, Harare, Zimbabwe, February, 2005. Ken was held in high esteem in many countries for his special breed of miniature cattle and prized pecan nuts. Sadly, the farm is now closed and Ken has passed on. He was a delightful soul, a devout Christian Scientist who refused medical treatment for gangreen. We hope to publish some of his agricultural memoirs in due course.

"I soak the wheatgrass seeds with Seagreens® in the water, and feed them the same mixture as they grow"
- Jasmin Kargar, Sunlight Juice Wheatgrass, Forest Row, East Sussex, 2004