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Can I use Seagreens® Food Capsules during pregnancy?

Before, during and after!

Taniya Maxted-Frost, author of The Organic Baby Book (Green Books, 1999) took Seagreens® before, during and following her first pregnancy:

“Seagreens® fill a nutritional gap where there was nothing before. Unlike so many tablets and capsules, I’ve noticed their exceptional bioavailability.

I can feel my body taking up all the nutrients like a sponge.

Seagreens® have helped my fluid retention, I feel more energised, and I just don’t want to stop using them because I feel so much better. Up to 3 of the Wild Seaweed Food Capsules can be taken by adults daily, and in addition to pre-natal or other vitamins and minerals”.

Please note: This advice does NOT apply to conventional kelp or seaweed generally, but Seagreens® Food Capsules and Food Granules, due to their mix of wild seaweeds, are particularly well balanced.

Is it true that Seagreens® can help regulate weight and reduce cellulite?

Wrack seaweed was the subject of uncontrolled trials (1999) for body weight and fat reduction and the wrack seaweed in Seagreens® is the same species as the main active component in a best-selling cellulite control product (Cellasene).

At the University of Pavia, Italy, female patients lost an average 5% from their waist and hip measurements, 30% of their subcutaneous fat, and increasing blood flow to the skin by as much as 45%, with claimed reduction in cellulite.

The most likely mode of action is through metabolism and hormone system regulation, improved digestion, blood cleansing and mineralisation.

Our view is that Seagreens® may be helpful as a daily nutritional aid within a dietary improvement and exercise programme to regulate or reduce body weight and fat, for which over a long period there seems to be substantial anecdotal evidence. We recommend 4 Food Capsules every morning for 3 to 6 months - effects appear to be extremely subtle and homeostatic.

But it is more likely that continual intake of 2 Food Capsules a day is adequate in maintaining weight regulation.

“Seaweeds are useful in weight-loss programmes and for lowering cholesterol and fat in the blood. Marine plants have a ‘sinking’ quality and hence direct the energy of the body lower and more internally.

They contain soothing, mucilaginous gels such as algin, caragheenan, and agar, which specifically rejuvenate the lungs and gastrointestinal tract” - from ‘Healing with Whole Foods’ by Paul Pitchford, North Atlantic Books, 1993.

We have seen no evidence that a thin person will become thinner by taking Seagreens® - a thin person may equally put on weight. The tendency seems to be more toward establishing the ‘true intended’ weight of the healthy individual.

B Vitamins - do Seagreens contain vitamin B12?

Seagreens® is understood to contain a bioavailable representation of the whole B group.

See the section under Vegans in the Seagreens® Heatlhcare Summary - HEALTH CONDITIONS section - and we present a comparative analysis of the B vitamins in Seagreens® against the EAR (Estimated Average Requirement) on the next age under the heading: 'Do Seagreens provide the RDA for any nutrients?'.