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Food Capsules & Granules - Frequently asked questions - Page 1

Is it OK to take Seagreens® with other nutritional supplements?

Yes - Seagreens® are a natural, multinutrient whole food, entirely compatible with other foods, herbs, supplements and most drugs. Additional supplements - or wherever possible, nutrients from natural whole foods - may be required to enhance specific aspects of health or make up for a specific, known deficiency of a particular nutrient or group of nutrients.

For example it’s good to boost your daily intake of essential fatty acids (eg. Omega 3, 6, 9), because these are very low in dried seaweed.

When should I use Food Capsules and when the Iodine+ Capsules?

In the Iodine+ Capsules you have a single seaweed species (Ascophyllum) which provides about 350 micrograms stable organic iodine per capsule (in its organic soluble form or as some say, colloidal). This is quite high in relation to all the other nutrients in the seaweed.
In the Food Capsules you have a blend of 3 different but closely related species (Asco, Fucus, and Pelvetia) which provides about 200 micrograms per gram of the same quality iodine per capsule. This is more 'balanced' in relation to all the other nutrients. The 3 species also provide some other interesting features: higher antioxidants (double), higher essential fatty acids (EFAs), and a slightly different range of complex nutrients. 
The different uses between these two products can then be summarised as follows:
The iodine in 1 Iodine+ Capsule is about the same as in 2 Food Capsules - so when you take Food Capsules you are getting twice as much of all the other nutrients - a very balanced intake right across the spectrum, an ideal whole natural food as a daily dietary foundation. We would always suggest Food Capsules for long term and permanent daily use.
Best product for all diets unless an iodine deficiency has been positively identified.
The broadest and most balanced range of all the nutrients.
Best for higher level intakes of more than 2 Capsules per day, especially in therapeutic use - nutritionists us up to 12 capsules per day for specific periods such as infections, gut healing, detoxification, weight regulation, obesity etc.
Best for children up to 10.
Also available without the capsule as 'Food Granules 100g jar'.
Best for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet without meat and dairy foods as they may be especially deficient in iodine.
Useful to top up or increase the iodine intake for those using Food Capsules but who want to raise the level of iodine.
Less expensive for iodine because only 1 capsule needed.
Useful tool for therapists as a known amount per capsule per day can be included in a broader nutritional protocol.
Independent research at Glasgow University was published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2014, or just read this summary.
The product studied, Napier's Seagreens® Hebridean Kelp Capsule, is identical to Seagreens® Iodine+ Capsule. Napiers is a much loved Seagreens Brand Partner of many years standing.

Do I need Seagreens® if I have a varied diet?

Seagreens® help ensure a varied diet because it is difficult to find all the nutrients on a daily basis even in a varied diet of modern foods. Although science recognises many nutrients as essential:

“it has been shown that a diet consisting solely of generous quantities of every known nutrient cannot maintain health. This is because whole foods (like Seagreens®) contain many valuable nutrients not yet isolated or discovered by laboratory science. By taking supplements, we can only get the advantage of a fraction of what the body needs to maintain health”

- Dr Robert Gray, USA*.

For this reason we are unlikely to obtain all of the nutrients we need from normal everyday foods or from ‘formulated’ supplements, whether the ingredients are natural or synthetic. Ideally, our bodies - like Seagreens® - should contain and use 100s of different nutrients, many in minute amounts. But many of these have decreased in food due to depleted soil as well as agricultural and manufacturing methods. This is the value of Seagreens® which bring the missing nutrients back to our diet from the ocean - which has remained the Earth's primordial nutrient pool.

*The Colon Health Handbook by Robert Gray, £6.95 from John Lewis book department, London (020-7629 7711) and the his full range of colon cleansing products is available from Bestcare Ltd, England at

When should I take the Food Capsules?

As a rule it is better to include them with food, but like any other natural food, they can be taken at any time.