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Food manufacturing ingredients - Salt replacement

Bart Spices of Bristol is Britain’s leading spice merchant. Bart won a West of England Gold Award in 2003 for their mixture of salt crystals and Seagreens® pelvetia seaweed.

In 1998 when Seagreens® began, the UK population was eating an average of twice the amount of salt considered safe, 75% of it in processed foods, the majority in our daily bread (refs. COMA, 1994; MAFF, 1996; Wheelock & Hobbiss, 1998).

Research suggests that seaweed is an antidote to excessive salt. "It was discovered that when stroke-prone rats were overfed salt, only those also fed seaweed powder did not have strokes; the seaweed was an antidote to excess sodium consumption" - Y. Yamori et al. Dietary Prevention of Stork and Its Mechanisms in Stroek-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Prevcentive Effect of Dietary Fibre and Palmitloleic Acid, Journal Hypertens 4(3):S449-S452, 1986.

Seagreens® earliest Brand Partner was the Demeter® bakery, Artisan Bread of Whitstable in Kent, England.

Over a short period, Artisan’s founder Ingrid Greenfield replaced salt with Seagreens® granules in most of their loaves to provide a broad balance of all the mineral salts and valuable micronutrients.

Customers continue to appreciate the rich complexity of flavour of Artisan breads, now sold nationwide.

“Being concerned about the amount of salt I put in when making a loaf, I discovered ‘Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient’ at my local health food store.

Using the same amount of this instead of salt, I find that the loaf rises as well if not better. As well as containing all the minerals, trace elements and amino acids our bodies need, it contains 3.5% sodium, against 40% in salt.

Beside the broad and rolls I make, I use it regularly in cooking and have it on the table instead of salt”
Elizabeth Hale, Gloucester, unsolicited letter to The Independent, March 5, 2007

Artisan’s Essene loaf with Seagreens®
Artisan’s gluten free sprouted loaf with Seagreens®