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Soak, chew, or infuse this very versatile vegetable!

These raw dried pieces of Seagreens® wild Pelvetia canaliculata (Channel Wrack) seaweed, have many uses. It used to be called Salad & Condiment, but its a topping, tonic, snack, muesli ingredient and has many other uses.

It is particularly rich in polyunsatuyrated fatty acids, including a near perfect balance of all the Omega fatty acids, some 3 times more than in our other native wild Wrack species, and they are good!

This, and its very low iodine, about 3 times less than the others, makes it ideal for children of all ages and it also enables you to use it to obtain all the other micronutrients at much higher levels.

It is also a natural prebiotic, helping to maintain microbial balance in the gut, and it assists in the digestion of carbohydrate, prolonging the release of sugars into the blood.

These are some of the reasons why we often use it when we blend our seaweeds, creating uniquely effective nutrition products!

Try these various uses in your daily food and drink:

  • Soak for 6 minutes in cold or warm water (not hot), drain and add to salads or warm vegetables, or as a topping on pasta or risottos.

  • Use the water you soaked them in - it’s a nutritious tonic as stock or in a herbal tea!

  • Mill them dry in your table grinder as a condiment, alone or mixed with other condiments, herbs and spices
    “The most happening salt mills are being filled with Seagreens® organic 'Salad & Condiment'” - Janet Smith, She magazine, England, February 1999 (we changed the product name in 2022)

  • Soak for up to 45 minutes with other ingredients to make a highly nutritious tonic or tea or antioxidant tonic which uses half a jar of Pelvetia Pieces per 1.5 litre jug of water. 

  • click here for Seagreens® tonic recipe devised by Dr Jane Jamieson, a well established nutrtional therapist based in Edinburgh.

This delivers just over 4g Pelvetia per normal 250ml glass - about the average daily amount of seaweed in the traditional Japanese diet! 

It's refreshing, highly antioxidant, detoxifying, revitalising, re-mineralising. Very easy to make and very thirst-quenching, it will keep up to 3 weeks in your refrigerator.

Perfect after a game of tennis or for a convalescent patient - a powerful preventive healthcare measure to fight free radicals in the gut and circulation, and boost the immune system. 

It is used at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol and other clinics.

Explore the nutritional profile of this exceptional seaweed.

Seagreens® Summer Tonic
Seagreens® Summer Tonic: 4 grams per glass!
Salad & Condiment salad
Salad & Condiment adds a unique taste
Sal and Cond pasta
Nutritious, delicious, simple: penne, pesto, Pelvetia!
Bart’s Sea Salt & Seaweed Mill
Sold in Waitrose: a Gold Taste Award 2004
new jar labelling
Pelvetia Pieces - newly named since 2022
A refreshing Summer Tonic made with Pelvetia Pieces
Get our recipe for this refreshing antioxidant tonic
Pelvetia Pieces topping pesto pasta
Soak a heaped teaspoonful as a topping for pesto pasta
Just soak cold for 5 minutes before adding to your food