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Home baking and salt reduction

The population average daily intake of common salt is about 9g, which is almost three times as much as doctors say is safe against coronary and kidney problems and strokes. Most reaches us through manufactured foods.

Fiollowing Seagreens ground-breaking oiginal research to replace salt in manufactured foods in 2007-2008, sponsored by the British Government, it is now the recommended salt replacement on the table and in manufactured foods.

Seagreens latest award-winning product - The Mineral Salt - is 50% salt and 50% seaweed; a delicious broad balance of all the minerals and trace elements with half the salt and twice the flavour! Rather like the sea, the complete balance of mineral salts in Seagreens® resembles human plasma.

Seagreens Culinary Ingredient 3.5% sodium compared to around 40% in salt (sea, rock or sodium chloride) and at least 13% in artificial ‘low-sodium’ salts like Solo and Lo-Salt.

The ‘low-sodium’ salts often have vastly increased amounts of compensating mineral salts like potassium, which can be just as imbalancing for the body as too much sodium, and may contain a range of additives and flowing agents.

In a loaf of bread with 1% Seagreens, each slice provides more than the 15% of the RDA for iodine, which contributes to:• the normal growth of children
• normal cognitive function
• normal energy-yielding metabolism
• normal functioning of the nervous system
• the maintenance of normal skin
• normal production of thyroid hormones and function

For example: is an average loaf is 800g, each slice ~40g
If Seagreens is 1%, then total Seagreens = 8g
Total iodine in bread = 8 x 712mcg = 5,696mcg
Iodine per slice = 5696/20slices = 2,84mcg iodine per slice = more than the paltry 15% RDA of 22.5mcg!

Seagreens® compared with leading salt brands:












Saxa table salt












Trade and professional users
This product is available to the catering trade and food manufacturers in 25 kg bags from our Certified Ingredients division. The Mineral Salt is available in 5 kg bags.

“Being concerned about the amount of salt I put in when making a loaf, I discovered ‘seaweed Culinary Ingredient’ at my local health food store. Using the same amount of this instead of salt, I find that the loaf rises as well if not better. As well as containing all the minerals, trace elements and amino acids our bodies need, it contains 3.5% sodium, against 40% in salt. Beside the broad and rolls I make, I use it regularly in cooking and have it on the table instead of salt”

Elizabeth Hale, Gloucester, unsolicited letter to The Independent, March 5, 2007