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Seagreens® unique quality assurance for food and nutrition product manufacturers, 2016

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A short introduction to Seagreens® certified ingredients

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Europe's Vegetable of the Future - an independent film review, 2013

Henner Thies, a post graduate in Munich, has studied some of the trends in the developing seaweed industry. In this film he interviews some of the people involved including small, artisan producers on the beaches of Cornwall and Seagreens larger scale harvesting to produce seaweed food and nutrition ingredients in Scotland, set against a backdrop of academic interest in potential futures like biofuel and artificially cultivated production.

Become a Friend of the Seaweed Health Foundation

The Foundation, administered by Seagreens Trust, holds public events, co-ordinates research, and publishes data of value to industry, media and the public. From 2014 it worked with the Biodynamic Association, seaweed producers and industry to introduce the world's first quality assurance scheme and standard for the production of Nutritious Food Seaweed. It helps seaweed producers and brands access valuable international markets and assures consumers of product quality. You can contribute to its work here.

Seaweed for Health - free information and public access events

The Seaweed Health Foundation has held public events in many locations over the years and since 2012 annually at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Click on the video bottom right for a typical weekend event, held in beautiful September weather in 2017.


Seagreens Quality Assurance: a short presentation


Download : Der Speigel 1955 article with English translation (pdf)

An article published in 1955 in the magazine "Der Spiegel" (in German) has come to light. The article is about a German man in the 50's importing seaweed from Norway and selling it to bakeries for use in bread making. Mr Lienau wanted to make seaweed usable for nutrition in Germany.

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