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Harvesting for today and tomorrow

Seagreens® seaweed is the product of experienced selection, sustainable harvesting, careful processing and comprehensive analytical testing.

A small number of well researched wild Wrack species has been produced and studied through Seagreens International Partnership in the north west Atlantic for many years. 

Seagreens works closely with its licensed Production Partners at remote locations in the British Isles and the Nordic region, with new technologies and species under development.

For more than 16 years Seagreens' unique business model has provided some of the finest seaweed for human consumption now exported to a dozen countries around the world.

Seagreens have a certified nutritional profile, allergen and contaminant free, fully compliant with international food regulations, and an unparalleled track record in therapeutic and food use, supported by published, independent applied scientific research.

Seagreens is available as ingredients for manufacturers in the health, food and feed industries, and as retail products for healthcare practitioners and consumers.

Information and consulting services are provided to Seagreens many Partners at home and overseas on the successful manufacturing, marketing and distribution of these ingredients and products.

Click here to find out more about the development of our standards and outstanding accreditation.

For a broad overview of the seaweed indusrtry click here for a short video on You Tube, courtesy of the University of New Brunswick, Canada. 

Please note that Seagreens involved in NONE of the activities shown in this video.

We harvest a specified portion of fresh young growth from fully monitored, post reproduction wild plants - a whole raw food with nothing added, nothing extracted. 

All our nutrition research has been conducted not on seaweed extracts, but on the whole food, with resuts, as you can see, more successful than with extracts.

Another short film, 'Europe's Vegetable of the Future', made in England by a student from the University of Munich, gives more local information about the current state of the industry.

To ensure the sustainable development of a healthy seaweed industy in Europe, please consider becoming a Friend of the Seaweed Health Foundation.

Fisherman’s house on stilts in Lofoten Islands
Lofoten archipelago, Norway - fisherman’s house 1999
Harvesting in Scotland, 2009
Harvesting wild Wrack in Loch Seaforth, Outer Hebrides, 2013
Harvesting Seaforth 2013
Cutting the lanes of Seagreens Knotted Wrack 2013
Asco elevator photo 2013
Collecting the cut seaweed for bagging and drying
Our customers use Seagreens in their products, too
At least 5 Viridian products contain Seagreens
Bioteekki is Finland's foremost health food manufactuer
Clearspring is one of Britain's leading health food producers
Norwegian Pelvetia for Seagreens® 'Salad & Condiment' product
Pelvetia Large Pieces are a unique Seagreens® ingredient
Delicious soaked 6 minutes, on penne with a pesto sauce