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The Mineral Salt - three awards in its first year!

'Twice the flavour with half the salt' was Seagreens award-winning new proposition of 2011, combining two of Nature's most primordial foods in a tasty and nutritious new salt.

The Mineral Salt is a unique combination of Seagreens’ Organic wrack seaweed from its sustainable harvesting among the Scottish Outer Hebrides, and unrefined Certified Cornish Sea Salt.

This 50/50 mix from the top and bottom of the British Isles has a nutritional profile even the best salt in the world can only dream of!

No other natural food has such a complete balance of minerals, trace elements and all the other micronutrients.

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Consumers described The Mineral Salt at the Real Food Show, London and at the Weston Price Foundation Conference in the USA as: “Lovely", "Brilliant” and “Just as good as salt & pepper”.

The product won no less than 3 awards in 2011: Best New Product, Best Organic Product, and it was Highly Commmended at the Free From Food Awards - please click for details.

A full length article explaining which seaweed and salt is better than salt alone was published by Positive Health magazine in October 2017 - click here.

The Mineral Salt is available from the best natural food stores as a 90g glass jar with a shaker top at RRP £6.95.

A 5kg Catering Pack is available direct from Seagreens Trade Direct - please click here.

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Reducing sodium chloride in manufactured foods has been top of Seagreens research agenda since 2007.

Dr Andrew Fairclough, lead researcher at Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Food Innovation, announced in 2010 that “Seagreens® Ascophyllum nodosum is a potential replacement for salt as sodium chloride and can be used to achieve salt levels below the recommended limit specifically in breads with additions”.

In 2009 Seagreens set up the independent, not-for-profit Seaweed Health Foundation for seaweed research and education. A study in obesity, the first project sponsored by the Foundation, won the Alpro Foundation Masters Award in 2010.

Seagreens' founder, Simon Ranger, unravels the myths and mahem in 'the salt debate' in this Caduceus magazine article published November 2010.

Twice the flavour
"Twice the flavour, half the salt"
CAM Lifestyle Award
'Best Organic Product' & 'Best New Product' 2011
Chips plus TMS
Delicious with The Mineral Salt!
TMS boiled egg
Endless easy ways to include in the diet...
Dried milled grains of Seagreens Human Food Seaweed