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Iodine+ Capsules - What are they for?

Obesity increases the requirement for iodine and up to 100,000µg (100mg) of elemental iodine per day may be required to achieve and maintain sufficiency (120).

Another factor involved in the increased demand for iodine is the presence of excessive amounts of goitrogens from the diet and lifestyle (substances harmful to the thyroid), for example smoking...which interferes with the sodium/iodide symporter function...and flouride...which interferes with the uptake of iodide by the thyroid gland symporter system (and it is suggested that) flouride causes oxidative damage to the halide-binding site of the symporter...and bromide...and potassium perchlorate (which it is suggested may be) in dairy and breast milk (122).

Worldwide some 200 million people are estimated to suffer under-active thyroid which at any age may disturb regulation in almost any tissue in the body.

Seagreens® are an excellent source of natural, stable, chelated iodine together with the full balance of the complementary elements like selenium and other nutrients required for its metabolism.

Within the thyroid, iodine combines with other nutrients to produce triiodinine (T3 - 3 atoms of iodine) and thyroxine (T4 - 4 atoms of iodine) (9). Artificial replacements of these thyroid hormones are available but ‘override’ the thyroid, rather than revitalise it. Regular intake of Iodine+ Capsules may help thyroid activity.

The naturally chelated iodine is not excessive at and surplus to bodily requirement is readily excreted.

Seagreens® Iodine+ Capsules
Seagreens® Iodine+ Capsules