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Are Seagreens® grocery products suitable for children?

Yes. All Seagreens® products are suitable for all ages. There have been no verified allergic reactions in 10 years and there are no medical contra-indications. They are nutritious and always 100% pure wild seaweed; nothing is extracted or added, they are not irradiated and contain no manufacturing incipients of any kind.

Are all Seagreens® products biodynamic and organic?

Yes. Seagreens® was the first Organic European wild seaweed producer in 1998 and remains the only ‘ocean-to-table’ product range in the world approved to Demeter and Soil Association Standards (respectively the leading European Biodynamic / Organic Certification body and the leading British Organic Certification body). Seagreens® are uniquely free of contaminants (like PCBs), toxic metals (like lead) and microbial pathogens (like salmonella).

Biodynamic Agricultural Association Approved product
Biodynamic Agricultural Association