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Seagreens® Brand Partners

Seagreens Brand Partners are manufacturing customers who choose to identify the Seagreens® ingredients in their products.

The Seagreens brand name will normally appear in the ingredients section on their product packaging. 

In some cases we will joint brand products particularly in new markets.

In a single store you might find several products containing Seagreens®.

For example in 2006 we developed a seaweed supplement especially for Waitrose.

In 2008 they added a tub of Seagreens, herbs and spices to their Cook’s Ingredient range.

In the spice aisle, you will find Bart’s Salt & Seaweed Mills and refil packs.

Among the oatcakes you will find Waitrose Duchy Original Seaweed Oaten Biscuits.

Identifying the brand is optional, but Brand Partnership brings significant advantages, over and above the quality assurance and consumer confidence derived from the brand.

Seagreens® Brand Partners
A selection of Seagreens® Brand Partners