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Full nutrition information on every jar

Denny Bros, a Seagreens' Supply Partner, has successfully added 18 pages of nutritional data to our consumer products.

"Seagreens, an Anglo-Scandinavian venture which has set the standards for wild seaweed harvesting and production in Europe, has used our Fix-a-Form leaflet labels to explain the nutritional profile of its highly-acclaimed products for the first time, directly on-pack."

In 2012 Seagreens completed the largest analytical study of the nutritional profile of its 3 wild Wrack species ever undertaken. The data is now where it should be - on the pack at the point of sale for Seagreens' consumers to see.

An organic, nutrient-rich, high fibre, low energy whole food, Seagreens is an everyday multi-nutrient with many diverse uses, and a growing number of ‘partnership' brands in the nutrition, healthcare, food and animal health sectors.

Two of the products have subtle changes. Consumers who have been opening our capsules to put the contents into smoothies and juices can now use the Food Granules - identical to the content of the Capsules but without the capsules!

In addition, the Pet & Equine Granules is the new name for a naturally mineralizing 'meal' for easy addition to almost any animal's feed on a daily basis. Seagreens' has become especially widely used in dogs and horses over the past decade with great success.

Simon Ranger, Seagreens' founder - whose career has been in creative brand development - explored the advantages that a series of ‘informational’ leaflet-labels would bring to the growing range. Denny Bros' Fix-a-Form labels will be on most Seagreens products.

‘This labeling concept enables us to illustrate the nutrient density of nature’s vegetable garden beneath the sea - the foundation of what the individual products can do, whether contributing to optimal mineral balance, as a salt replacement or an aid to weight loss.’

Fix-a-Form is the UK’s leading brand of multi-page leaflet labels used to communicate brand benefits, cross promotional marketing material, and multi-lingual information, and add incentives such as competitions, inserts, vouchers, ‘scratch-off panels’, SMS text promotions, and collectables.

In the past 3 years Seagreens has won 2 awards for scientific research, 2 national environmental sustainability awards for its production, and 3 Organic and Natural Food Awards for its products. Seagreens Food Capsules were voted the UK's leading kelp product in 2010 by The Mail on Sunday. Today Seagreens is Europe's leading seaweed brand with harvesting and production based in the Outer Hebrides.

For further information about Fix-a-Form labels contact: Natalie Bell, Denny Bros Ltd: 01284 701381

For more Seagreens information please contact: Simon Ranger, Seagreens: 01444 400403 or refer to Seagreens Information Service

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